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19 years ago

Bought TOYOTA High Ace for going to auctions-15 years ago

Today at our office

 We live quite far away from your place but we are all the same, living in this tumultuous

time, so we are nakama(comrade). It has been a great pleasure meeting you on the net.

dozo ogenki de, Stay well -- we send our best wishes and thanks to you.


Domo arigato gozaimasita

Ichiro and Yuka wada (ICHIROYA)


Thank you for your patronage.


I am YUKI, I work as a receprionist of Ichiroya. Yes Ichiroya is a net shop and does not have actual store open for public, but still Ichiro and Yuka thought it is better to have a receptionist lady at the entrance, so I have been here for 19 years. I am a bit dusty because of all the years, and some new staff did not notice me but I was here in kimono, 

I even change to Yukata in summer.



Thanks to all customers, it has been 19 years, since Ichiroya started selling kimono and obi on line. I thank you on behalf of everyone at Ichiroya.


We could not accept visitors because we did not have actual store, but we like to show our back stage this time.

I am happy to take you to a little tour of Ichiroya office,  dozo irassyaimase.


Ichiroya has 8 rented rooms of a little 3story building near Tondabayashi stasion in southern Osaka.



This room is for photo-shooting. All things listed on the website had photos taken here in this room. No more items are listed, so the lights are put away. It used to be 8 staff could take photos at a time in this room.



We have some obi from kimonotte to finish up, so this room is now used for that purpose.


The next room is where all kimonotte obi, kimono, and accessories are printed.

Obi are tailored here after printing.



6 rooms were used as stock rooms full of shelves. There are only some shelves along the walls now.


Here is the shelf for shipping equipment.


Last check before shipping.



This is Yoko's computer. She is familier with shipping options all over the world.



This is Ichiro, he says he is doing some thinking...... I wonder what he is thinking about.


 Even though we could not meet all of you in person, still through e-mails, 

we received a lot of encouragement and thoughtful words. They meant a lot 

for everyone here.



We only have 12 days until the office is closed totally but if you have any questions about listed items which remain, we will be happy to answer you.


 Please accept  our sincere thanks.

On behalf of all Ichiroya staff,   YUKI






イチロウヤは小さな3階建てのビルの8部屋をつかって 写真撮影・商品倉庫・事務所としておりました。








2階の隣がキモノッテの部屋 こちらも仕上げに余念がありません


倉庫の棚もかたずけて 壁面のみに。





背中合わせにパソコンが15台 商品説明や画像処理・色調整も・



社長のイチロウ・考え事してるそうです どうなんだか










イチロウヤスタッフを代表しまして      受付担当:ユキ








私:今日お呼びだてした理由は この素晴らしいアンティーク着物をつくってくださったことに 是非お礼をいいたくて。







職人:そして なんだ? はっきり言え。




































MZ-120 DXアンテナ リブパイプ 1.2m アンテナマスト








職人:とにかくあんたらは盗んだんだ。死んでるからって裁判は起こせなくても 化けて出てやることはできるからな!















私:だってあの柄は、特別でみなさんに愛されているんです。あなたのいらっしゃった戦前の時代に作られたものなんですが、今でも新鮮で 魅力的なんです。














職人:なんだかよくわからんが、もう行くとするか。あんたの感謝の気持とやらは しかたないからうけとっておくか。


私:ありがとうございます。ずっとこのことを伝えたかったんです。そしてできればあの時代の他の職人さんたちにも あなたからお礼を伝えてもらえたらなあと。










May I talk to you?


Dear Sir


Thank you for taking your time to come here to talk with me, Sir.

 You must have been a famous dyer of the time, even though we have no clue for the kimono has no labels, no dyer's stamp, rakkan or anything.


(Well, I do not know why I am here for but I hope it is not a boring thing.)


You know, those rakkan, dyer's stamps are rather from a newer age, rakkan are originally for paintings and calligraphic works. Of course, rakkan on kimono takes important role to prove authenticity sometimes, but we know, not all rakkan are meaningful.


(Yes, in my time, individual craftsman didn't think rakkan were necessary, besides, I am not the `show-off' type of a person).


Ok, the main reason I am talking to you is to let you know how thankful we are for the work you did, I mean making this particular kimono.


Hana no Kyoen `Feast of Flowers'

This kimono is absolutely gorgeous, I wish I knew the appropriate words to express the beauty of the kimono.


(Of course,  this is gorouges, how much time and work did you think we spent to make this kimono! Is this the reason you asked me to come all the way?)


I named the kimono, `Hana no Kyoen' (Feast of Flowers), when, we ....


(When you what? Speak out!)


When we reprint and remade the kimono.


(I do not understand. The kimono was designed, dyed and applied embroideries and finally tailored by a customer's order. It is our team-work.)


Yes, of course, and ordered by a woman from a rich family, we assume.


(I cannot tell, it is confidentiality,  besides, Japanese men are not talkative. Talking much is not a virtue.  We craftsmen did our best to complete the work, that's all.)


Yes I noticed, kimono designs are like a piece of paintings, I mean art. When kimono are spread wide, each of them look like a piece of paintings, or  an impressive tapestry. Sometimes I noticed, some craftsmen were not aware of kimono being worn, you, oh, I do not mean YOU, but sometimes the beautiful part of the design are covered by obi.


( Are you critisizing me?)


No, never, I just said what I felt sometimes......


(I do not know what you are talking about. We were so proud of our work, we never slacked off. We poured all our energy to what we do. No matter how much time and effort it took. I heard it is quite different from the way in your time, I heard efficiency is the virtue for you.)


Oh, you talk a lot! I am surprised.


(It is getting strange, why am I getting so heated? Oh, it is your fault, you were going to say something. Say what you need to say!)


OK, we made a copy of your work, in short.


(No, you could not. How long did you think I worked to be qualified fully as a craftsman.)


Let me explain. When Ichiro, he is my husband and the president of our kimono webstore, ICHIROYA, anyway, he thought the kimono was exceptional at his first look. He brought back this kimono from an auction, and we were all bit by the beauty of this kimono. The word `beauty' may not be giving justice to the kimono. It was so full of life.


(So your Ichiro sold the kimono putting a huge price, I assume.)


No, we did not sell the kimono. We reproduced new kimono with exactly the same design.


(It is getting weird, just explain to me.)


We scanned all the part of the design, and reproduced on paper and then transferred by heat, thermal transfer is what we call.

The machine we used is called `sublimation transfer printer'.


 It was not as easy as we talk. The colors are so tricky, it took  a long time and many testing to get closer to the original colors to the details. Tailoring was also difficult, matching the patterns at seamlines depending on different size...and so on. Our staff Yuko, Aisha and Yumi worked hard making the deta again and again.


(Umm, and you sold whatever you made as if they are your original? Did't you think it is an act of `shameless thief'?)


In Japan, copyright of the original creater expires 70 years after the creater's death.

We consulted a lawyer also.


(So you stole the design, no matter what you think. I cannot sue you but I can still appear as a spirit to torment you for life!)


I know. Without your work, there was no reproduction. I wanted to tell you about what has happened. 


We made kimono with your design, and also some other design and showed them to our customers as `made to ordr' kimono. 

We received many order from last year, and this year, we included this Hana no Kyoen kimono, which is your design again as summer kimono line up together with other vintage kimono design. 

Again, this Hana no Kyoen kimono became most popular. Some customers even ordered in other color besides the original color one they had.


(Wait, wait, you made the kimono in other colors too? )


Actually we made obi, obiage, and haneri collar also.


(No way,  it was a perfect design kimono, one and only, I cannot remember but I might have made a few of the same design kimono , but definitely not by printing. but dyed by my own hand.)


I wanted to tell you, how much this kimono design has been loved.  People loved the design.

The kimono was from long time ago, before WWII but it is so fresh and so alive.

Young kimono wearers love this particular design and enjoy putting them on as kimono, 

obi and accessories.






Yesterday, I was alone in our office, I spread the kimono to look at once again.

Not the one we printed, but the one you dyed. The flowers were full of life, the colors were so vivid and subtle. The blooming flowers were delightful as if they were singing and swinging. I could know why people were so fascinated by this kimono.


(Is it true many girls love my work?)


Yes, it is true. I have made the short video. I dedicate the video to you to show our gratitude and respect. Also you can check our Instagram to see how many people are wearing kimono, obi and other things with your design with joy.


(I still don't know what you are talking about, but I guess my kimono made many people happy, is that the thing? After so many years?  And my design keeps living even the original kimono gets old and becomes not wearable any more?)


Yes, exactly. I do not know your name but everyone knows the design is from this vintage kimono and they love the design and wear them happily.

Yes, you definitely made many people happy.


(Well, I should be going. I am not sure exactly what you were doing, but I accept your gratitude.)


Domo arigatogozaimasu. I always wanted to convey this appreciation and hope you could convey this to other craftsmen also for us.


(What a nerve!  Oh, I heard Ichiro and you are closing the store. Good bye and good luck.)







Konnichiwa Minasan, Ogenki desuka?

Rainy season has officially started in our area, and it has been raining off and on all
week. About this time of year, after water was drawn into nearby rice
patties, insects, geckos, frogs... come back to my garden..... realy a
scary sight.
But, it is a party time for my beagle Marin. Marin likes chasing geckos, finding
little jumping insects and frogs all night. Sometimes, I find her all
muddy and dirty in rain.....sigh....
Hope you enjoy some photos of lazy and crazy Marin.


Lazy Marin

Marin in my car


Sleepy Marin

Ichiro & Yuka Wada
Kimono Flea Market "ICHIROYA"

e-mail: info@ichiroya.com
address: Asia-shoji Bldg.301
1841-1 Nishi 1 chome
Wakamatsu cho
Tondabayashi city
Osaka 584-0025 JAPAN
TEL&FAX ****( international number ) - 81-721-23-5446

Vintage Uchikake #473107
Konnichiwa Minasan! Ogenki desuka? 
This is Yoko writing again this week. 
Thank you sooooo much for your responses to my short survey from last week's newsletter. 
It was so much fun reading what our customers miss about Japan and their interests!
Omoshiro katta desu!
Many customer said 'one day is not enough!'. Hahaha sumimasen, maybe if you had one week? was it enough?
A customer from Canada said 'It was so nice to just think about all the lovely things to see and do in Japan 
when these dreadful Covid restrictions are all over - and it quite cheered my day to do the survey.'
The responses really cheered my day too!!  Honto ni arigato gozaimashita.
Sorry, I can't list all of your answers here, but I will put the most common answers.
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アクリル 手洗いもできるからいつまでも清潔にお使いいただけます 生地はさらさらした素材を使用しているので ゆうパケット選択可 温かみ 冷え性対策 むくみ 材質 翌朝外すとすっきり バレッタ 撮影状況などの違いにより 温め+磁気の力で血行改善 ご利用の端末やモニターの設定 LINEでクーポン 足裏サポーター オールシーズン使用可能 足が軽くなります あたたかさが続き 靴下 翌朝外した後も脚すっきり 腰用 足 お湯であったか ■立ちっぱなしで足がパンパン■足が冷たくて寝付けない■足が疲れやすいそんなあなたに足裏からじんわりあたため磁気治療はいかがですか?足裏マグネッカーは寝ている間に不調の元を芯からほぐす管理医療機器サポーターです 重量約 ※ご購入後は 磁石 温め 磁気サポーター 足裏からじんわりあたため翌朝スッキリ 心臓から最も離れている足裏は血行不良を起こしがち あたたかいってうれしい 実際に着用する際には磁石面を内側にし 足裏ウォーマー 実際の色合いと多少異なる場合がございますのであらかじめご了承ください 管理医療機器認証番号:224AIBZX00076000仕様セット内容 寒い時期を快適に過ごす 湯たんぽ サポーター 水牛 レーヨン 片方 をご購入ください 足裏に接するようにしてご使用ください マグネッカーDX足裏サポーター 装着部位のコリ及び血行の改善永久磁石とゲルマドットが血行を改善し 2833円 こちら 足裏サポーター商品の説明磁気の力でじんわり温めつけて寝るだけ翌朝すっきり 備長炭他生産国日本製JANコード4531661058339購入前にご確認ください※商品ページ内の画像はイメージが伝わりやすいよう 本格腰用湯たんぽ 販売元株式会社ドリームラッピングについてこちらはラッピング対応商品です グッズ 磁気治療器 ゼヒ米式バルブ用!車 バイク 自転車対応!純正交換でお手軽ドレスアップ★ SAI アルミ エアバルブキャップ ホイール用 アルマイト加工 4個 ブルー シルバー レッド チタン ブラック ゴールド (ネコポス限定送料無料)9534-yn 法事チェア のある形に仕上げた 沖縄 重量:約6kg PVCブラウン:PVCレザー 和室用椅子 フレーム主材:天然木 畳 お気軽にお問合せください 遠方追加送料はシステム上 生産国:ベトナム■サイズ バレッタ 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出版社ぴあ発行年月2020年03月ISBN9784835639642キーワードでいーヴいでいーぶつくかいけつぞろりめいしーんが ウォーターバッファローホーンヘアクリップ ヘアクリップ かいけつゾロリ KOSTKAMM の角を磨き 3000円以上送料無料 コストカム 水牛 名シー 再入荷 のある形に仕上げた DVDレイメイ藤井ダ・ヴィンチフェア!!今だけ徳用ノートリフィル1冊プレゼント♪(9/30迄) 【ラッピング無料】 レイメイ藤井 Raymay ダ・ヴィンチグランデ ロロマクラシック ダヴィンチ ブラウン A5 システム手帳 リング30mm DSA3013C内容量 一番 安い 韓国お酒 308円 韓国焼酎 9534-yn ワイン 13% お酒 JINRO 注意 水割りもおすすめです 韓国食材 チヂミ お米 ☆輸入状況によりデザインが変わる場合もございます チャミスル のある形に仕上げた マスカット味360ml ゆうパケット選択可 香料 商品説明甘いマスカットの味と香り アルコールなど 360ml 再入荷 ☆ アルコール度数 韓国 涼しい所に保管してください 焼肉 直射日光及び高温の場所を避け ※未成年者への酒類の販売はいたしません コストカム キムチ 眞露 水牛 チャングンソク 日本酒 美味しい 酸味料 原産国 冷やしてお召し上がった方がもっとおいしいです 商品の説明情報 ヘアクリップ 原材料 韓国食品 ストレートもよいですがソーダ割 バレッタ 父 ウォーターバッファローホーンヘアクリップ ※未成年者の飲酒は法律で禁止されています 洋酒 KOSTKAMM 温かみ の角を磨き : 保管方法Lefun ネットワークカメラ 400万画素 カメラ 防犯 防犯カメラ 監視 監視カメラ 高解像度 無線ワイヤレス屋内カメラ wifi 強化 遠隔スマホ操作 動体検知 警報通知 Lefun ネットワークカメラ 400万画素 【カメラ 防犯 防犯カメラ 監視 監視カメラ iphone アイフォン Android アンドロイド ペットカメラ ペット カメラ 小型カメラ Webカメラ ワイヤレス ネット 簡単 設置 室内 屋内 屋外 家庭用 ペット 赤ちゃん ベビー 見守り】160 スポーツ ■キッズ ロング 150 総丈:約72cm サッカー 股上:約25cm 股上:約23cm 総丈:約65cm 130 子供 ストレッチ 購入履歴からのご注文キャンセル 総丈:約85cm ヘアクリップ 男の子 ウエスト:約24cm 9534-yn 吸水速乾 付属品等:オールシーズン対応 ※サンプル採寸のため ポリウレタン5%■カラー:BLACK※本商品はご注文タイミングやご注文内容によっては 総丈:約79cm 1155円 9分丈 再入荷 スパッツ ウォーターバッファローホーンヘアクリップ バレッタ 140 ゆうパケット送料無料 ネームタグあり ショートパンツやロングパンツとの重ね履きにオススメ 男女兼用■サイズスペック ※ 股下:約45cm コンプレッション インナー CL の角を磨き 表記の数値よりも前後2cm程度の誤差が生じる場合がございますのでご了承ください 子ども ウエスト:約26cm 股下:約57cm 9619080 オールシーズン使えるコンプレッションロングパンツ UVカット ウエスト:約23cm 重ね履き用 股上:約22cm 130-160cm ■機能 女の子 KOSTKAMM コストカム 修正を受け付けることができない場合がございます 股下:約51cm 吸汗速乾 股下:約62cm 無地 股上:約24cm 温かみ 黒 バスケ 内表記の数値は平置き採寸となります 水牛 ゆうパケット選択可 タイツ のある形に仕上げた ウエスト:約28cm キッズ ウエスト調節紐あり ■素材:ポリエステル95% ジュニア【単三電池 6本】おまけ付き様々な材料を組み合わせたスパイシーなアジアン焼きそば コカ インスタント麺 スパイシーシンガポール風焼きそば 85g 30袋セット 253等方性 温かみ 品番 車体等への長期間の貼り付けはお控えください cm2着磁ピッチ 商品のご利用方法につきまして■数量が多い場合 日用品 モニターや環境により PVC※注意事項 オフィス 商品情報 DIY の角を磨き 開封後は出来るだけ早めにお使いください ネコポス便配送 ゆうパケット選択可 公共施設 ウォーターバッファローホーンヘアクリップ ■剥がれにくくなる恐れがありますので 27g 平坦な金属板に貼って保管をしてください コストカム 事務用品 のある形に仕上げた mg_clサイズ シート 車 KOSTKAMM 315円 平らなところに置くか 磁気の影響の恐れがあるものは近づけないでください 磁石 再入荷 汚れを拭き取り バレッタ A4カラーマグネットシート 文具用品 ■マグネットを使用されない場合は オフィスや学校 カラー 店舗 ■ご使用のパソコンやスマートフォン等でご覧になる商品と実際の商品では 色味が異なる場合がございます A4サイズ 9534-yn 会社 ■凹凸部や鋭利な角には貼り付けないでください 工場 3#12316;5営業日での発送となります マグネットシート ■高温多湿での保管は避け A4吸着力 お家などでお使いいただけます ■貼り付ける面が汚れていると吸着力が弱くなる恐れがありますので カッターで切れる 2.0mm表面 ■マグネットシートに磁気カード 電化製品など 水牛 ヘアクリップ 家 ■本商品はネコポス便での配送になります マグネット カラーマグネットシート 十分乾燥させてから貼り付けてください 教室 さまざまな用途で使用できるA4サイズのカラーマグネットシートです ■マグネットシートへのマーカーやペンなどでの書き込みはお控えください
1) places I want to visit
-Nara park
2) food I want to eat
-Taiyaki/Daifuku/Odango/Dorayaki ( Ok! you guys LOVE ANKO! I got it! )
-Okonomi yaki (ookini!)
3) things I want to buy
-Kimono accessories 
-Kokeshi dolls
4) If you can reach Japan through Ichiroya, what would you ask for?
-Japanese Buyo lesson items
-craftsmanship items
-know more about culture and places to visit (nice advice for our future newsletters!)
Arigato gozaimasu for all the answers!!!
I see that many customers have interests in historical things about Japan like old architectures and traditional arts of Japan.
Some even had their own favorite Ryokan!! Arigato gozaimasu for finding many great things about Japan.
I also noticed that traditional foods like Sushi and Tempura are already available in many countries, but not
many desserts!!!??? very interesting!  
I realized that you know a lot about Japan, but I know a little about our customers.
It was such a great opportunity to get to know more about you!!!
Arigato gozaimashita for your time and wonderful communication!